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The 15 goals of the Korean right back bring victory for Hamburg over Portland San Antonio.

Superb Yoon

Thanks to HSV, the “German-Spanish Wednesday“ ended with a draw: after Gummersbach lost against Ciudad Real by 27:28, the team from Hamburg have beaten Portland San Antonio 32:29 (18:14).

Rare performance: Yoon hit the back of the net 15 timesThe most outstanding player of the match was Kyung Shin Yoon with 15 goals.

“This was my day today. But I did not win the match on my own; my team helped me a lot. For me it’s more important to reach the semi-finals, than to score 15 goals. But I enjoyed the match very much,” said Yoon after the game.

With this victory the unbeaten HSV still have the best chances to go on to the next round with now 5 points. Portland have 2 points after losing in Zagreb and Hamburg and beating Flensburg.

More than 7,000 spectators attended the match and they did not only see the 15 Yoon goals, but again a very strong performance by Johannes Bitter (19 saves). The HSV goalkeeper was the match winner against Zagreb a week ago.

However, Portland had the better start, leading until the score of 7:6. Then HSV found the right pace and turned the match in within six minutes from 6:7 to 12:8. Due to a concentrated attacking play, the Germans increased the gap to 16:10 before Portland’s Christian Kjelling scored four consecutive goals for his club and the halftime result was 18:14.

For Portland coach Javier Cabanas the match was decided already after 30 minutes:

Hens against a tough defence, Jorgensen and Dominikovic“We missed too many chances in the first half and Hamburg had no problems in going ahead with some goals. The HSV victory was not only well-deserved, but also never endangered in the second halftime.”

Especially Yoon, whom the Spanish defense could never stop, made a difference. Portland, that changed goalkeeper from Tomas Svensson to Walter Matosevic in the second half,lost their plot. Malmagro score ten times, but it was not enough against a very strong Hamburg team that were already leading by eight goals (27:19).

Portland improved for the last ten minutes when their defence has become more aggressive. But the 30:27 was the smallest difference and the last goal was scored by Torsten Jansen, 31:27 at the end.

“It’s a great fun to play in this ‘death group’,” said HSV coach Martin Schwalb. “We have to continue playing like this if we want to reach the semi-finals. It’s great to see so many world class players in Hamburg every match. Today we nearly did everything well, especially the way we played against the Portland defence.”

TEXT: Björn Pazen