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The manager of the Austrian side, Gunnar Prokop, praises the performance of his team against Viborg.

Prokop enthusiastic

Only Győr and Hypo are still unbeaten in the CL and their domestic leagues as well. After the eighth consecutive victory in the CL, talks to Gunnar Prokop, manager of the Austrian side.

The usual scenes of celebration: Hypo are on top this Viborg came with a team full of superstars. Are you happy after this 32:30 victory?

Gunnar Prokop: I’m very satisfied. In the last five minutes of the first half and for 15 minutes in the second half we played extraterrestrial handball. Viborg had simply no chance, though they are a team of stars... You signed Bok-hee Myoung in December. At her second CL game she was match winner already. You seem to have a good eye for players…

Prokop: Everything we invested in her, she paid back today. She came in and had a great game. It’s nice to see her scoring seven goals in very important moments. She might be a great weapon for the rest of the competition.

Myoung is praised by Your team wasted a nine-goal lead, and at the end it was "only" a two-goal win...

Prokop: The problem was that we knew before the game that if we lose, our season would come to an end with no big chance to qualify for the semi-finals. So there was a lot of pressure on us and after leading by so many goals, the concentration faded. I can totally understand that they gave the big lead away. Two wins from two games in the Main Round. How do you see the chances of your team to progress to the semi-finals?

Prokop: We now have a tough game coming up against Zvenigorod Zvezda, but after this performance against Viborg, I think we have a decent chance of even netting a win there!