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The performance of Nürnberg in Győr will mean a lot of extra motivation before the upcoming home matches. Herbert Müller talks about it.

Huge motivation for the return game

After the Győri ETO vs Nürnberg game played by two teams fighting hard, talked to Herbert Müller. A five-goal defeat in Győr is promising...

Herbert Müller, an emotional coachHerbert Müller: Yes. I believe that my girls fought very well once again and they stayed focused the whole game. We could play a close game thanks to our determination in the second half. However, the game was decided by the attitude of Győr in the first 20 minutes. They were so confident from the first minute that intimidated my players for a while. Nevertheless, you found your way back to the game after the break...

Müller: We had to take the challenge and fight with concentration. We have seen that the hosts were more offensive than us in the first half and we had to take their rhythm. We fought hard to turn the game. What was your opinion about some real fight developing on court in this phase?

Müller: As long as we believe in it, we go forward with all our energies. Unfortunately, we were not brave enough at the beginning of the game, but towards halftime we got to understand that we may still have a chance here. This was when Győr were leading by nine and had the ball to make it ten. However, we stood up and came back to six. One would hardly have believed that such an intense second half would follow a first 20 minutes like this...

Müller: We were hoping that we would still have a chance and at the score of 23-20 we had the chance to come closer. Unfortunately, Kerstin Wolhbond missed the penalty at this point and Anita Görbicz scored a couple of important goals. We couldn’t come back again. What do you expect from the return game on home court with a similar performance?

Müller: The experience drawn from the second half will be huge motivation for the return game. When playing at home we will be fighting even more determined for the victory. If we want to have a word on qualification, we have to win the home games against Győr and Lada. I can promise you that we will do everything for this!

TEXT: (Judit Juhász)