Győr celebrate after tough second halfArticle
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The hosts played superb handball before the break, but Nürnberg responded and came back to 30-25 at the end.

Győr celebrate after tough second half

Hungarian and German top teams met in the 2nd round of the CL Main Round in Győr. The hosts still conserve their unbeaten record, while Nürnberg had a growing appetite after taking a point from Valcea at home.

Strict defending by SpiridonJust before throw-off, the representatives of the Slovak Federation gave awards to Katarína Mravíkova (Győr) and Miriam Simakovának (Nürnberg) as they were chosen best players in their respective positions in 2007 by Slovak fans.

The ball was given away by the Germans in the first attack and Görbicz scored in the empty net from half court. This special goal created good atmosphere right away and the hosts took a big lead (11-4) already in 13 minutes.

Nürnberg coach Herbert Müller tried to organise their lines, but Hungarian goalkeeper Herr saved in good form with the help of a good defence.

By the 20th minute Nürnberg lost concentration and also many balls. Their game was dominated by force, not by skills. The defence of the hosts was somewhat weaker by the end of the halftime and the German side came closer to 17-11.

Coach Müller could shake his team up in the break. Though this was not enough to come much closer, but at least the difference did not increase.

The duel of Anita Görbicz and Jana Krause gave a special flavour to the game. In addition, Győr even had to play with two players down at a period. The atmosphere has become more intense and the Fyr Macedonian referees awarded many suspensions in this phase.

Nürnberg got as close as 21-18 by the 43rd minute with the fourth goal of Sara Walczik. Pálinger came on to replace Herr and she tried to add her usual saves. The Germans had a chance to come back to 2 goals, but Wohlbond missed a penalty.

Győr speeded up once again and the Bavarians could not follow them any more. The hosts restored the halftime lead and an overtime 7-m shot of Görbicz made it 30-25 at the end.

Though Győr won the game and took the points, based on the second half, they will have to fight hard for anything more than this when they will meet Nürnberg in Germany.

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