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Though GOG had their chances, Szeged won the dramatic match with the goal of Krivokapic.

Decision in the last second

After difficult days, Pick Szeged were facing another challenging task. The Hungarians lost in Celje by five and in Veszprém by seven within a week. The opponents on Sunday were GOG Svendborg that defeated Barcelona by two goals on home court a week ago.

Gudjunsson missed the last penalty of GudmePick started the match with a lot of tension and it resulted in a couple of suspensions already at the beginning. The Danes took their chances and were leading 1-6 already in the fifth minute of the game. Coach Matic called a time out and it proved to be useful. The hosts came back to 8-10 with the goals of Osmajic and Andjelkovic.

Gudme goalkeeper Henriksen, saving in superb form, and Petersen even had a small fight, whcih showed how nerveous both sides were. Though Szeged came back to one goal on more occasions, they could not equalise. Instead, the guests had a good series and got a four-goal lead back just before halftime.

The hosts won the first ten minutes after the break by three and Zvizej equalised for the first time in the game. In this period, the Danes were not able to create opportunities with such an ease as before and the fifth goal of left back Osmajic meant the first Szeged lead in 46th minute of the game (25-24).

Drama at the end

Gudjonsson made a wrong substitution exactly before a GOG goal, whcih meant a suspension and taking away their goal. The Danes, led by right winger Hansen, did not surrender and took back the lead once again at 30-31.

Krivokapic interviewed after his decisive goalGOG tried a more open defence for the last minutes and it was also fruitful. The Danes were able to equalise at 33-33 with an unusual goal. Puljezevic blocked a shot that fell in the back of the net from high in the air.

The Danes got very close to winning the game only 20 seconds from the end when they were awarded a 7-m shot, but Gudjonsson missed it. On the couter attack while the huge Puljezevic ran in the wall, the defenders did not pay attention to the right side. Krivokapic got the ball alone and scored the winner with just one second to go (34-33).

The Szeged victory means that Group 4 remains open with all teams standing with 2 points after 2 rounds.

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