Kiel beat ChehkovArticle
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Only the ending was close at a game played in an atmosphere enjoyed by both sides.

Kiel won despite the Jolly Joker of Chekhov

THW Kiel delivered the expected 28:25 (16:10) victory and made everyone satisfied. Even the guests, Medvedi Chekhov.

Klein vs Dibrov - battle of the left wingers“We play better in Germany than at home because the atmosphere is so good here,” said guest coach Vladimir Maximov with a smile. He added jokingly: “I would like to play the second game in Kiel too.”

His colleague, Noka Serdarusic, invited his “friend Vladimir” immediately: “Maybe we could have a drink together than.”

During the 60 minutes of the game Nikola Karabatic was in the focus once again. The THW star scored 10 field goals and he had a big share in Kiel’s leading the game all the way after 5:5 (12th minute). In addition, the defence of the hosts improved against the Russian attack that played with a right handed right back.

The coaching guru of Chekhov, Vladimir Maximov, tried to solve two problems at one go. The left handed star, Konstantin Igropulo, was out with a chest injury and he was replaced by Alexei Kamanin, a pillar of the 5:1 defence.

With this change Vladimir Maximov made sure that not many substitutions would be needed from attack to defence and only Egor Evdokimov came on to replace line player Mikhail Chipurin. However, the Russians seemed to lack ideas in attack.

THW controlled the game after the break as well and many laid back comfortably in the “Sparkassen-Arena” of Kiel at 22:14 (41st min). At this point the Russian champions sent in their Jolly Joker. The barely 22-year old left handed Samuel Aslanyan, promoted from the second team only in January, was very useful for the team.

“He gave more energy to the Russian attack,” said Filip Jicha. As THW were less concentrated, the “Bears” started a catch-up race, but it meant no danger for the victory of Kiel.

TEXT: Jan Kirschner