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Orsolya Vérten, left winger of Győri Audi ETO, talks about the Main Round and the long unbeaten record of the team.

Győr prepare for 26th victory

The left winger of Győri Audi ETO KC, Orsolya Vérten, tells about her experience in Russia, the next opponent and about the special unbeaten record of Győr.

Vérten is important player of Győr and also of the national team of What experienced did you collect during your visit in Russia?

Orsolya Vérten: The sports hall was very warm for the traning, so we believed that it would be the same for the game. But on the contrary, it was so called during the match that it was painful to breathe. The food was also different to what we got used to at home. There were no problems during the game at all…

Vérten: We took a five-goal lead already in the first half, but than Lada came back and equalised before the break. We got ourselves together before the break and we could get a more comfortable advantage that we kept all the way. The key was a more agressive defence and fastbreaks. What do you think about Nürnberg, the next opponents?

Vérten: We usually watch the videos on the matchday, so I have not seen them yet. I know, however, that they made a draw with Valcea. This was surprising, but it can be advantageous that they took a point. On the other hand, later it could be a problem as well. I hope that none of these teams will cause difficulties for us at home. Győr has a fantastic unbeaten record this year. What is the reason, in your view?

Vérten: We won our 25th match in a row, if I’m right, which is an incredibly good feeling. We are preparing for our 26th victory now. I can’t remember a similar period in my career. Our roster has been completed with Pálinger, Tomori and Mravíkova and I think the key is that we got used to playing next to each other. On Tuesday the team received a prominent guest…

Vérten: Yes, new coach of the Hungarian national team, János Hajdu, visited. He promised to return for trainings and matches in the future. For those who are members of the national team he said that he trusts us and we should not worry just give all. In addition, he congratulated us for our performance so far.

TEXT: (Ildikó Balogh)