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Győr coach, Csaba Konkoly, knows that the team is still not in top form, but phyiscally they are near to it.

Physically on top talks to the head coach of Győri Audi ETO KC, Csaba Konkoly, about the successful season and the first matches of the CL Main Round.

There are still things to improve, but Győr are already in good This was the first time ever for you in Togliatti. What experience do you have about it?

Konkoly Csaba: It was cold… Maybe it is the result of the climate change and we have mild winters and a winter should be like this... Regarding the match, we got what we wanted: quick, accurate and agressive Russian handball. They were very well prepared against us, though my Russian colleague gave me the same compliment. He said that we analysed their game even better. The victory is even more valuable as we could defeat a well prepared team. It is even more important now that Valcea were only able to make a draw in Nürnberg. This was regarded to be a surprise result by many, but I said already after the group draw that Nürnberg are a mysterious team and they proved it now. You have seen that game already. What are the strengths of the German side?

Konkoly: German precision, will and motivation characterise the team of Herbert Müller. It is tricky that they were successful against Valcea even without great stars in the team.The right handed right back, Simakova, scored seven, while Rösler in left back scored five and Wohlbond four. Their backcourt was prolific. Their wingers added some quick fast breaks and they were apparently prepared for Valcea. What do you expect on Saturday in Győr?

Konkoly: We will try to win. The videos are great help in thepreparations. The key against Lada was the change in defence. The tactics we agreed prior to the game did not work out well in the first half, especially not the long shots. It shows the strength of the team that they were able to change and it seems that we are able to play combinative handball. We prepare for the Germans in this spirit. You said earlier that the team would reach their top form by February or March. What is the status at the moment?

Görbicz is the top scorer of the team with 64 goalsKonkoly: I believe we are getting close to it, but regarding the technical mistakes, we are not quite there. We have some time until March, but I expect the work to bare fruit. Now I refer to the Valcea game, first of all, but we already have to make our game more accurate for the game against Nürnberg. What is the atmosphere like during trainings?

Konkoly: The girls prepare with determination because they can see the work done during the week will have its results over the weekend. It was visible in the second half of the Lada game that we were okay physically and we had a 5-1 series that secured our victory. National team coach, János Hajdu, visited us on Tuesday and he could only say that he understood why we were doing so well as everyone was working well that day too.

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