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Viborg's left winger enjoys the pressure as she remained the only one in her position in the team.

Big responsibility on Gitte Aaen

For Gitte Aaen, 26-year old left winger of Viborg HK, the season meant more work and bigger challenges she expected. At first, the regular left winger of the team, Henriette Mikkelsen, was pregnant. Later, her replacement, Christina Roslyng, injured. As a result, Gitte Aaen, 9 caps for Denmark, was practically left alone for many games in a row.

Aaen plays with lot of confidenceViborg depend on her a lot to fulfil their CL title dreams. had a chat with Gitte Aaen about the pressure and her expectations. In the summer of 2006 you joined Viborg from Frederikshavn. What was that change like for you?

Gitte Aaen: It was a change between two entirely different worlds. Coming from a team, where we were constantly struggling for survival to a team that is always on top, it was a big change and a really great experience. We all get along very well in the squad, so I’m really glad that I made that step. There is a huge responsibility on your shoulders after Henriette Mikkelsen stopped playing. How do you cope with that pressure?

Gitte Aaen: I just love it! I always wanted to play as much as possible. Recently you extended your contract with Viborg for another two years. Was that also the result of the match routine that you picked up?

Gitte Aaen: Yes, and I feel really good here. Both my boyfriend and I are fond of being here, and we have settled in very well. When you a place, you want to stay. How far can Viborg get in the Champions League?

Gitte Aaen: That depends on whether we do our best every time! If we don’t, we won’t win against any team on this level. I hope, however, that we can go all the way. I also believe we can. In your first Main Round match you clinched a narrow 31-29 victory over Zvezda Zvenigorod. Meanwhile Hypo Niederösterreich practically ran over Slagelse in your group. What do you think about the group now?

Gitte Aaen: I consider Hypo to be a very strong team and it is important for us to be focused when we meet them on Sunday. We will have to be very well prepared as they have an extremely fast team with a lot of good players. But then again, there are no easy teams in this group. With the many injuries in your team, it must be pretty reassuring to know that two teams from the group will reach the semi-finals?

Gitte Aaen (laughing): Yes, but we would definitely prefer to finish number one!

TEXT: Peter Bruun