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The Hungarians remain unbeaten in the 2007/08 CL season with a six-goal success in Russia.

Győr dominate in Togliatti

Postnova was marked strictly by the Győr playersGyőri Audi ETO visited Lada Togliatti in the opening round of the CL Main Round. Despite a 12-12 draw at halftime, Győr won easily in the second half.

Győr took the initiative with the goals of Tomori and Görbicz. Lada did not have good solutions against the defensive wall of the guests, but after a 1-4 Hungarian lead the hosts were successful from two fast breaks.

Győr remained dominant in the following minutes to make it 4-8, but the hosts came back to equalise. Pálinger was in top form saving shots that looked certain goals at times.

By the end of the first half Muravyeva and Postnova suffered injuries, but both were able to continue. Lada came closer to Győr at the end of the first half and Makhneva equalised once again (12-12).

Tomori appeared determined after the break and Vérten also speeded up. The second half, just like the first one, started with 1-4 for the guests.

Coach Csaba Konkoly made a surprising move and sent on court Gyöngyi Drávai. The young player started with a goal immediately against the Russian national goalkeeper, Sidorova.

Görbicz was topscorer of her team once againSpiridon scored the first goal from the line-player position in the whole game and this goal gave a comfortable lead for the guests. It was 16-23 already when Mochalina and the others tried to apply an open defence and it was not only Görbicz (10 goals at this point) whom they tried to guard more closely.

This tactic was not completely successful, however, and despite the fitfh goal of Davydenko, Győri Audi ETO clinched an easy 22-28 victory.

With the success, Győr remain unbeaten in the 2007/08 CL season - just as in the Hungarian Championship.

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