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Viborg coach, Tomas Ryde, confirms that the objectives are unchanged at Viborg.

Ryde: We still want to win the CL 

Tomas Ryde, Swedish head coach of Viborg, was far from being happy when he saw the draw for the Main Round. His team was placed in Group 2 together with Austrian champions Hypo Niederösterreich, Russian Zvezda Zvenigorod and title holder Slagelse DT. In addition, Viborg have injuries, which are also worrying for Ryde. The coach expects his team to proceed from the group, at least.

Jurack&Co. go out for victory every gameEurohandball.com: What was your first reaction to the draw results? 

Tomas Ryde: I thought it was a tough draw, and I still think so. We will meet very strong opponents. Hypo Niederösterrecih are always difficult – especially in Austria – and they were reinforced recently. I think many underestimate Zvezda as well. They have an extremely strong team when they have a complete squad.

Eurohandball.com: The injured players should have returned by this time. What is their current status? 

Tomas Ryde: We may get Lene Thomsen back around the middle of the month, while goalkeeper Louise Bager Due will not be fit before April. We cannot expect Christina Várzaru to play anymore this season at all.

Eurohandball.com: This means that Christina Roslyng will be the only to return? 

Tomas Ryde: Yes, that is a correct assumption.

Eurohandball.com: What do you think about the chances like this? 

Tomas Ryde: I still expect to be able to proceed to the semi-finals. The substitutes have done very well and I think that our recent 30-28 home defeat against Slagelse was a good wake-up call for us.

Eurohandball.com: The intention of the club was to win the CL. Is this still realistic? 

Tomas Ryde: Oh yes, we still want to win the Champions League. We approach every match with a determination to win and if you win all the matches, you win the Champions League at the end. 

On Wednesday evening, Viborg had the best possible last test before the Main Round as they won their away Danish league match against number two in the league, Ikast. The result was a clear 35-26, which brings Viborg very close to winning the Danish league.


TEXT: Peter Bruun