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Roxana Cherascu stops playing as she is 3 months pregnant. Meanwhile, Luca, Gatzel, Elisei and Puscasu are not available for the restart of the CL.

Cherascu: I'll be back

Injuries are still a big problem for Oltchim before they resume their EHF Champions League campaign. And pregnancy is the latest news around the Romanian champions.

Valcea need strong cohesion without some of the starsJust ahead of the start of Oltchim’s Main Round Champions League campaign, 28 year-old centre back, Roxana Cherascu, told coach Tadici not to count on her anymore, because she is 3 months pregnant.

“I’m very happy for her. It’s her choice and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Still, it’s a big loss for Oltchim and for the Romanian national team also, because Cherascu could have played at the Olympics too,” said Tadici.

Cherascu says she is not going to quit handball:

“I will only tell you what Arnold Schwarzenegger said: I’ll be back! Next year, precisely.”

Oltchim start their CL campaign without several key players. Left wingers Valentina Elisei and Iulia Puscasu are still trying to recover from long injuries, while two other players are on the injury list after the Romanian derby against Rulmentul Brasov in January.

Not only Oltchim lost their first domestic game in the last two seasons in Brasov, 26-27, but also two important players were taken from the court directly to the hospital. Right back Steluta Luca suffered a back injury and she is expected to be out for the first game against Nurnberg.

The situation of playmaker Roxana Gatzel is even worse: she broke her right arm and she will be out for at least 3 months. Doctors put a metal plate into Gatzel’s arm and the season is over for her.

Gatzel is highly unlucky: in autumn of 2006 she was suspended by the EHF for 6 months after she put her signature on two contracts at the same time for Oltchim and for their next Champions League opponents, Nurnberg. After the suspension, Gatzel suffered another shocking injury, which kept her off court for another 6 months.

TEXT: Emilian Voicu