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Viborg still have some injuries in the squad, the Romanian right winger will hardly return this season.

Várzaru will miss the season

It seems that Romanian international Christina Várzaru will have to watch the rest of the season from the stands. The 28-year old right winger of Viborg was expected to return from her knee injury in February and be fit for the Main Round. However, that will not be the case. Varzaru has played her last match of the season already.

The supporters have to miss some of their favourites“The way things look right now, it is not realistic to expect Christina Värzaru to play this season,” Viborg coach Tomas Ryde told Eurohandball.com. The Romanian right winger has been with the Danes since the summer of 2005, but she has been injured for most of this season as well as for parts of last season due to lasting knee problems.

More injuries

Viborg had a huge number of injured players this season. Most of them were expected to join the team again for the Main Round that will start this weekend. However, the situation seems to be less promising than that.

While Christina Várzaru will be out for the rest of the season, backcourt player Lene Thomsen will not be fit either. She has been sidelined with knee problems long before Christmas.

Goalkeeper Louise Bager Due will not return before April, she could be fit for the Champions League semi-finals if Viborg get so far…

“Right now left winger Christina Roslyng seems to be the only injured player who will be fit for the first match of the Main Round,” said Tomas Ryde.

Viborg will start against Zvezda Zvenigorod on Saturday night.

TEXT: Peter Bruun