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The management of Slagelse prepare for the changed situation as Anja Andersen will leave the club this summer after eight years.

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Slagelse remain in top handball

In spite of head coach and sports director, Anja Andersen, leaving Slagelse DT at the end of this season and several key players also leaving the club, the Champions League winners have now made sure to go on with top level handball.

Slagelse reached all their great successes with Anja AndersenThe licence of Slagelse DT to play in the Danish league is owned by a company that belongs to Anja Andersen. However, as Anja Andersen will leave the club this summer, the club and the coach reached an agreement that the licence returns to Slagelse FH. It means that the club can continue in top handball next season.

Handball on a lower level

“We have come to a solution. The licence goes back to the club on 1 July 2008 and we intend to create the basis for a league team in Slagelse after that date too. In the weeks to come, we will intensify our efforts to provide a financial background and recruit the necessary players to stay in top league handball, but I cannot promise anyone that we will still have a team with chance to win the Danish championship or the Champions League. It will be difficult to live up to the extremely high level that we have seen with Anja as head coach,” Slagelse chairman, Iver Grunnet, said as the agreement was announced.

Slagelse have now started their search for new sponsors as some of the current sponsors have also been reported to leave as Anja Andersen will quit after eight years in charge of the team.

TEXT: Peter Bruun