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Two CL top teams met in the Spanish championship. With the home victory of FCB, the competition is open again.

Barcelona defeat Ciudad Real 

Barcelona and Ciudad Real played a great match in Palau Blau Grana. Both sides aim at the Spanish title and though there are still plenty of matches to go, this was an important encounter. A Ciudad victory could even have sealed the title. The team of Cadenas fought hard until the end not to allow the guests to celebrate.

The photo is archive: Barcelona vs Ciudad Real, CL Final 2005/06Kasper Hvidt, Iker Romero and Juanin Garcia were the most effective players of Barcelona. Even with their great performance, the hosts had to wait until the last minutes to celebrate the victory. An Albert Rocas goal in the last seconds made it 26-24 at the end, which means that Barcelona are only one point behind Ciudad on the Spanish league table.  

Árpád Sterbik has shown an incredible performance in the Ciudad goal, but it was not enough. Dujshebaev could not count on Rolando Urios and this was a big blow for the attacking game of Ciudad Real. Torsten Laen was not able to guarantee the same high level. Rutenka, Zorman and Stefansson played in good form, but they would have needed some more help from the rest of the team.

After all the favourites had their derbies already in the first half of the season, Ciudad Real and Barcelona seem to be the favourites for the final victory in Spain. Third placed Portland must improve a lot to stay in competition.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi