Ademar sign Carlos Luciano ErtelArticle
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A Brazilian player, Carlos Luciano Ertel, will help Ademar Leon for a month to replace Icelandic pivot, Sigfur Siggursson.

Ademar sign Carlos Luciano Ertel

Leon were doing better in the CL than in the Asobal so far, so the Brasilian player may give a boost for the teamSigursson was operated last week and will be out of action for four weeks. The Brazilian is best known under the name Menta. The 33-year old player is a pivot that Ademar lack at the moment as Aginagalde is the only in this position. Sigursson has been injured against Castresana. Only is ready to play.

Jordi Ribera knows Menta from the period when he was coach of the Brazilian National team at the last Pan-American Games. Ribera called Menta personally and offered him the possibility to play for Ademar. The handballer had not doubts and took the first flight to Spain. He was presented for the media and is ready for the next games of Ademar. Leon won an important match last weekend against Valladolid and they keep fighting for the third place of the Asobal League that would take them to the next edition of the CL as well.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi