Portland returns to winning waysArticle
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Two CL teams clashed in the Spanish league and Portland won a great battle against Barcelona.

Portland returns to winning ways

Rusega had to keep the team together as Balic could only play minutesPortland San Antonio have beaten Barcelona last weekend in Asobal League. The team of Cabanas won 27-26 in a very close last minute. This victory means that they have better chances to reach the Spanish title.

Malmagro scored the last goal of the game and Barcelona had no time to react.

Balic played ten minutes with his injury, but Ruesga and Malmagro were the leaders of Portland. The Catalonian born Cristian Malmagro scored 11 goals – six from 7-metres – and he was the star of the attacking game of San Antonio. Ruesga conserved his good form from last games and he scored 5 goals. The middle back kept control of the game and replaced Balic successfully. Jorgensen was the leader of the team in defence and he helped a lot to Svensson in the goal.

Iker Romero, Nagy and Rocas scored five goals. Albert Rocas played his first match against Portland since leaving the club in the summer and he was booed by the fans. On the other hand, Kasper and Lozano were given a warm welcome. Barcelona were behind all the game and they were not able to recover the difference in last minutes.

Barcelona could not celebrate this timeThe last seconds of the match were really exciting. Barcelona and Portland were both one man down and Portland had the last ball. Lars Jorgensen replaced the goalkeeper Svensson and played in attack. Balic took the ball and passed to Malmagro who scored the decisive goal and gave the victory to Portland.

The next ambitious objective of Portland will be a victory in Ciudad Real next Sunday. However, Balic, Kjelling and Andorinho will be missing from the squad.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi