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GOG coach, Ulf Schefvert is confident about his team and satisfied with the first group stage.

Schefvert satisfied

Ulf Schefvert, Swedish head coach of Denmark’s only team in the Main Round, is generally satisfied so far. The GOG coach is already looking forward to the relaunch in February. talks to the new coach of the Danish champions.

Schefvert is satisfied with their Your team finished second in your group after Portland San Antonio – just as you predicted before the start of the group phase. Are you satisfied now that the first group phase is over?

Ulf Schefvert: I think we did okay. Maybe our last match (a 33-29 home win against Bregenz, ed.)was not our best match this season, but considering the fact that we did not play for anything and Bregenz were playing for the third place, I think we did all right. What do you think about your team’s performance in the group stage in general?

Ulf Schefvert: We played one bad halftime – the second half in Bregenz. The rest was okay, I think it was great to be able to make two draws against Portland San Antonio. With two draws against Portlan San Antonio, you might be annoyed that you did not win the group…

Ulf Schefvert: No, not really. Portland San Antonio are still a great team and we have to remember that we were down 28-24 shortly before the end in Spain. We may have been fortunate to make a 28-28 draw, so in general I’m content. Danish teams are usually out of the CL before Christmas. Do you think you have enough players to cope with the pressure in the CL and in the Danish league after many of your players going to the Euro as well?

Ulf Schefvert: It is not as much a question of having enough players, but if the players are good enough! I think ours are, if only we won’t have more injuries! 

TEXT: Peter Bruun