Ciudad Real finish with six victoriesArticle
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The Spanish champions complete a perfect group phase with a clear victory over Drammen.

Ciudad Real finish with six victories

There could be no doubt about the place of Ciudad Real in the Main Round. The Spanish side won six games out of six.

Hagen tried to keep Drammen in the gameThe last match of the Talant Djushebaev team was against Norwegian Drammen on Wednesday night in Spain.

The final result (44-35) means that Ciudad Real finish on top of the group and confirm with their 100% performance that they are one of the favourites for the CL title.

Drammen should have won this game to reach the next round, but Ciudad are nearly unbeatable at home. Playing in the Quijote Arena was too difficult for the Norwegians who tried to control the game from the beginning. However, Ciudad did not give too much chance and the 6-1 for the Spanish at the beginning already showed the difference.

Solberg and Hagen assumed responsibility, took more risk with shots and they were successful. Their goals closed the gape and Dujshebaev made a couple of substitutions to allow players to rest.

Show elements in Quijote Arena

As a result, the more tired Norwegian could not keep on shooting precisely from the 9-m line and Ciudad Real took back the initial lead.

The second half was a show for the Spanish fans. A fresh Ciudad played great handball and Drammen were not able to win. Fast break goals, in-flight shots… The hosts tried everything to entertain their fans and win the game.

Drammen have to wait patiently to see whether their European adventure can continue in the Cup Winners’ Cup, while Ciudad Real are looking forward to the Main Round draw on 27 November.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi