Gyula Zsiga: On the RoadArticle
«Go back talks to Gyula Zsiga, coach of FTC, on their way back after the Valcea game.

Zsiga: On the Road talks to Gyula Zsiga, coach of FTC, on their way back after the Valcea game. You could avoid a big beating in Valcea.

The team has been improving, says ZsigaGyula Zsiga: After the chaotic first 10-12 minutes, we were able to play without inhibitions. We made many mistakes, but still, our determination was obvious. The girls were able to keep their positive mood despite the atmosphere in the sports hall. What do you think about the four matches played this year?

Zsiga: Our form improved from match to match. I think we made the highest number of mistakes in our first game in Podgorica because we had more pressure to win. Anyway, we will focus on the return game on 6 January and we will play against Viborg as well. We had a very good first half against Valcea, but only a mediocre second half. We had good periods against Viborg, got as close as four goals and I was sorry about our 7-goals defeat. The positive experience from the Valcea game was that the girls could play more creatively than before despite the atmosphere. Are you optimistic about the future of the team?

Zsiga: We started to walk the right path, but now we have to stop with the World Championship coming up. I’m sorry about this as such a break is always negative for a team. We have two players who will be operated: Uhrakova played many games with a cartilage injury and just as both elbows of Kata Haris. We will continue complete preparations in December.

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