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The 18-goal victory (43-25) of the Catalonians was the biggest beating so far in the 2007/08 season. Barcelona finish group stage on first place.

Season Record of Barcelona

Barcelona will finish Group A on top after a 43-25 victory against Banik Karvina. The score showed the real difference between the teams. The 43 goals scored by the Catalonians are a new record in this season. Manuel Cadenas gave a rest to Iker Romero, the Barcelona player in the best form recently, but it was not a problem for the team.

Fernandez and Garabaya congratulate each other for the great performanceThe match was decided by the 17th minute. Barcelona made a 8-0 run and Karvina could not react. Barrufet made a very good performance in the first half with 14 saves, decisive in the first 30 minutes. Rocas and Cañellas were the most active players of Cadenas in attack.

Tomas Heinz tried to close the gap for Karvina, but it was impossible and it was already 8 goals for Barcelona at halftime.

Venjo Losert continued just as well as Barrufet saved before him and also the Barcelona defence kept on with their strict defending. Cadenas gave the opportunity for the whole team: Rocas, Tomas and Gull also had their share in this important victory.

The final difference (18 goals) was the biggest home lead of the game. Demetrio Lozano scored the last goal to close a perfect match for the Catalonians. The last match against Ivry will only have importance for the French club.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi