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One of the greatest Danish talents came back to GOG after an injury last weekend. Hansen does not take the praise seriously...

Mikkel Hansen smiles at fame

Experts say that GOG’s Mikkel Hansen is one of the greatest backcourt talents of Denmark in many years. The 20-year old left back – son of former Danish international and Helsingør star Flemming Hansen –returned from a long injury recently. On Saturday he played his first Champions League match of the season, scored 8 goals and his team won 38-31 against Slovakian champions, Tatran Presov.

Hansen in attack against Portland's JörgensenThe career of Mikkel Hansen has been developing very fast so far, but he takes all the fame and attention with a smile. It is apparent when Eurohandball.com talks to him.

Eurohandball.com: You only returned recently to the team after a long break. What was it like for you?

Mikkel Hansen: It was great, of course, not least because we got two points and took a major step towards the next group stage.

Eurohandball.com: You scored 8 goals in Slovakia on Saturday. Are you back in form?

Mikkel Hansen: One match does not tell the whole story, of course, but at least I feel that my physical condition is back on the level where it should be.

Eurohandball.com: GOG now are different from the team that used to be last season. What is it like to meet so many new players?

Mikkel Hansen: Of course it was a special return with so many new players, but I think we are getting to know each other now and the new players are being integrated into the team.

Eurohandball.com: Wednesday night can be decisive step towards the main round if you win at home against Portland San Antonio…

Mikkel Hansen: I expect a great game, hopefully with a lot of spectators supporting us. Portland San Antonio seem to have some problems in the Champions League as well as in their national league, but I expect those problems to make them fight even more. We will really have to work hard to win that match!

GOG are just one step from qualification for the Main RoundEurohandball.com: You are mentioned as the greatest backcourt talent in Denmark for many years. How does that affect you?

Mikkel Hansen: Not a lot, really. I simply “put on my working gloves” and do my job as well as I can every time!

Eurohandball.com: How does it feel when people compare you to your father, Flemming Hansen, the famous backcourt player of the 80’s and early 90’s?

Mikkel Hansen: At first I found it a little bit annoying, but now I just laugh about it. We do not look alike at all, and we are also two different types of players – in attack as well as in defence – so I just really smile about it!

TEXT: Peter Bruun