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While the crisis of Ribarroja endures, Slagelse show an improving form. The Danes win by 14 goals.

Slagelse improve and win

In front of 500 spectators, Cementos La Union Ribarroja had one of the worst defeats in their history. Slagelse ended the match with a convincing 14 goals of difference - 20:34.

One action goal in 18 minutes

Garcia could not tell his team how to win against SlagelseFrom the very beginning Ribarroja could not penetrate the rock solid defence of Slagelse led by an excellent Cecilie Leganger. In the first 18 minutes Ribarroja managed to score only one action goal, while they received 13 – many of them scored by Turey. An unfortunate incident happened in the first half when Melgaard shot on goal and Tanja Medved tried to stop. As a result of the clash, the pivot of Slagelse suffered a shoulder injury. The referees gave a 2-minute suspension for Medved and a yellow card for Anja Andersen who entered the court after the foul. Ribarroja ended the first half with a disappointing 8:21 result.

In the second half Gregorio Garcia made many changes and his team finally managed to keep pace with Slagelse. However, during the entire match Ribarroja’s defence was not good enough to stop the Slagelse backs, especially Turey. On the other hand, Slagelse’s defence was brilliant. The Danish goalkeepers showed a great performance. After an equal second half the match ended with a convincing guest victory - 20:34.

Goalkeepers were decisive: Leganger was superb in the first half and Friis was also great in the second half. The top scorer was Emiliya Turey with 11 goals. Maida Arslanagic came back to Ribarroja after an injury and scored 4 goals.

Still in crisis

Ribarroja are going through the worst period in their recent history. The Spanish champions are on third place in their home league. After three matches played in the CL they have two home defeats and one away defeat – the last by 14 goals. Ribarroja are on the bottom of Goup A with very little hope to improve their ranking.

Slagelse are getting better and better every day and they are still candidates for the first place of Group A.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros