Ribarroja end bad series before Slagelse gameArticle
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The matches between Ribarroja and Sagunto usually decide the Spanish title. This time, the team of Gregorio Garcia found the best possible way to end their crisis: they defeated Sagunto.

Ribarroja end bad series before Slagelse game

Cementos La Union Ribarroja defeated Sagunto in the derby of the Spanish Championship by 28:25. In the beginning Sagunto had the lead but their key player, Milica Danilovic, got injured and she couldn't continue. In a very intensive match, the home team managed to close the first half in their favour, 15:14.

Decisive defence

Coach Garcia led his team back to the winning pathIn second half, Ribarroja showed better defence and more ideas in offence. The best players of the match were Ejsmont with 7 and Barbosa with 8 goals. Goalkeepers have also shown a great performance on both sides: Maru Sanchez and Eli Lopez.

After three consecutive defeats (Podravka and Győr in the CL and Alicante in the Spanish league), Ribarroja are back in the game now. They found their pace and it seems that their defence is finally working better.

This is very good news for Gregorio Garcia whose team will host Slagelse on Saturday in the match of third round of Group A. The Spanish coach studied Slagelse well.

“Slagelse have a great coach. They are a team with tremendous experience in the CL. Despite the fact that they are weaker then last season, Anja Andersen there and Cecilie Leganger are still key figures. Leganger is able to win a match on her own as she proved against Podravka Vegeta,” said Garcia.

In the second half of the match against Sagunto, Ribarroja showed that they are able to play an excellent 6-0 defence. If they will be able to repeat it, Slagelse will be in trouble. In addition, goalkeeper Maru Sanchez showed once again that she is like vine – older means better. Leganger will not be the only goalkeeper on Saturday who can make a difference.

The match Cementos La Union Ribarroja vs Slagelse will be played on Saturday at 16:30. Peter Brunovsky and Vladimir Skanda from Slovakia will direct the game. TVVi will broadcast the match live.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros