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The coach of Budapest Bank-FTC is aware of the strength of Valcea, but he tried all kinds of tricks to improve the shooting accuracy of his players...

Zsiga believes in miracles

After beating Viborg last weekend, C.S. "Oltchim" Rm. Valcea will visit to Budapest to play against Ferencváros in the second round of the Women’s CL. Hungarian coach, Gyula Zsiga talks about the chances.

Eurohandball.com: You will host one of the strongest teams of Europe on Sunday. Did you invent any special tactics for the game?

FTC have to improve a lot respect to last weekGyula Zsiga: We try to look for the mistakes of each team that we can accentuate with our attacking play. I have to admit that there are very few such elements in the play of the Romanian side. It is an experienced team with great players that is based on the World Championship runner-up Romanian national team.

Eurohandball.com: We heard that there are many injuries in Valcea. How much profit cna FTC make of this?

Zsiga: I received the video tape of their game against Viborg. That game Maier played on the left wing instead of Ardean. She was the one who played right handed right winger at the last Hungary vs Romania game. As I have seen, she is very good on the left wing as well, a key figure. They miss Gatzel, but Bese is a top class player with her height and shooting power. She was the middle back of the Romanian national team at the tournament in Debrecen and we have seen what good abilities she has. Stanca is an incredible pivot and she gets lots of passes.

Eurohandball.com: What do you need to be successful?

Zsiga: The Romanians need to have a very bad day and we have to be very good to have real chance. Everything can happen. We cannot prepare for one player or another, they all know what to do. And you must not forget that their goalkeeper is also a world class one. What is positive is that we have the home court advantage and our supporters stand behind us. This may be a great impulse for the players.

Eurohandball.com: Can you improve on the shooting percentage after the many 7-m shots missed last week?

Zsiga: We practised them after every training. We tried all kinds of trainings to improve our accuracy. We even invited an experienced male goalkeeper, Sándor Lepsényi (former Veszprém goalkeeper, currently in first division with FTC -ed.), who has long arms, to help us improve the shooting accuracy. I hope our team will get over this problem. 

TEXT: Ildikó Balogh (handball.hu)