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Slagelse have just started the road that Győr has taken three years ago. This is the conclusion of Csaba Konkoly, coach of Győr.

“Three years of construction behind the team”

Eurohandball.com asks coach Csaba Konkoly after the Győr-Slagelse game.

Eurohandball.com: What’s happened with the team in the first half?

Győr and Slagelse played a spectacular gameCsaba Konkoly: The first 10-15 minutes went according to plans and we could keep a 2-3 goal lead. We started to hurry a bit, especially with the scoring opportunities. Slagelse found their rhythm and we kept this pace.

Eurohandball.com: What did you ask at halftime?

Konkoly: To keep playing as we did in the first half and to shoot on Leganger’s goal as we talked about it. We had a couple of defensive situations that gave us an advantage. Slagelse confused us with changing positions, especially when their players got back to their original positions. I talk about Turey, for example, who has a great elevation from 7-8 metres and we could only watch her.

Eurohandball.com: What was the key to the period when you could get a bigger advantage?

Konkoly: Our effective defence, the goals of Dokic and Bradeanu and the sensational form of Pálinger. These together brought a positive change in our play. Our substitutes also tried their best, including Temes who scored 7-m shots in critical moments. In fact, I was not happy that six minutes before the end when we had a big advantage, we started to hurry.

Eurohandball.com: What’s the difference between Győr and Slagelse, in your view?

Konkoly: Slagelse has just begun a road, while there are three years of construction behind our team that we started with Kálmán Róth. We have new players who could integrate quickly into the team.

TEXT: Ildikó Balogh (handball.hu )