Győr prepare for a determined SlagelseArticle
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Csaba Konkoly, new coach of Győr, tells us what he expects from CL winner Slagelse this weekend.

Győr prepare for a determined Slagelse

Győri Audi ETO KC will have a difficult time in Group A of the Champions League. The first match of the season will be against Slagelse that knocked out Győr last year in the semi-final and went on to win the trophy. Csaba Konkoly, new coach of Győr, told us about the chances. In the group stage of the CL you will meet Slagelse, Ribarroja and Podravka. What are your objectives?

Győr wants to pay back for the semi-finalCsaba Konkoly: The objective of the club management is to reach one of the first two positions. We want to obey and reach this. We will have many away matches during the spring and I expect the players to show their real strength there. If we will be able to play just as well abroad as we can play at home helped by our fans than we will have a chance for these positions. Our first away game in Ribarroja will be very important. Győr will start against the three-time winner Slagelse at home. However, this team is not the same any more…

Csaba Konkoly: We must try not to believe this. We must be cautious and determined. The Danes have lots of tactical variations for attack and defence. I have not seen them play without changing their line-up for a game. Anja Andersen always uses many variations. What can we expect on Saturday than?

Csaba Konkoly: We have to expect many players of Slagelse giving their best. I think of Leganger, Savic and Batinic. I don’t know whether the anks of Bulatovic is all right now, but Cubela will probably not play. We want to take the rythm of international games. We know how strong Danish handball is, in addition, Slagelse have Serbian top players as well. What do you plan against Slagelse?

Csaba Konkoly: We pay great attention on coming back to defence. Our opponent plays open defence and they often send in two pivots. We are not afraid of this, but it is not seen too often in Hungary. Everyone could train normally?

Csaba Konkoly: Ana Dokic returned with high temperature from the Serbian national team. She will also be okay, so we can play with a complete squad.

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