Ademar draw against Barca, Portland loseArticle
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With the bad results of all Spanish CL teams, Ciudad Real take a comfortable lead in Spain. László Nagy can be back soon.

Ademar draw against Barca

Ciudad and Rutenka (pictured) are on topCiudad Real are great favourites for winning Asobal League after 8 games already. Ademar and Barcelona made a draw in Palau Blaugrana, while Portland lost their match against a modest side, Antequera. These results took Ciudad to the top with three points of difference. The team of Dujshebaev gained such a good league position mainly by the mistakes of the others.

Barcelona and Ademar played a very equal game that finished 25-25. It was the first match for Manuel Cadenas against Ademar Leon, his former squad. This draw was a bad result for both teams. Leon can already say goodbye to the Spanish title. Their new objective can be reaching third place and Champions League qualification. Barcelona will have to win against Ciudad in the next macthes to take the first place back.

Portland San Antonio have similar problems to Ademar. The Asobal title seems almost impossible for the club and Javier Cabanas has very difficult moments on the Pamplona bench. The home defeat against a modest Antequera was shocking for the fans who booed the players at the end of the game. San Antonio must focus now on the CL or other Spanish competitions such as the Asobal Cup or Spanish Cup.

All these difficulties of the top clubs is perfect for Ciudad Real as they made no mistakes at all. Their secret is that the team of Dujshebaev did not play brilliant matches so far, but they won the games they had to win. Ciudad won the Spanish Supercup already this season and they are also heading their CL group.

Fernandez injured, Nagy's return nearing

László Nagy will return soonThe left back of Barcelona, Jerome Fernandez will be out for three weeks. The French handballer suffered a muscular injury in his right leg last week against Teka. However, Fernandez will have time to recover as the men’s competitions are stopped for the national team weeks. Manuel Cadenas hopes that Lászlo Nagy will return on court next month. The Hungarian player was injured in the Supercup final.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi