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Szeged and Veszprém won at the weekend, but only Szeged can be calm about the upcoming games.

Double Hungarian success

The new team captain, PericThe days preceeding Round 3 of the Champions League saw several changes for Veszprém. Gyula Gál, Player of the Year in Hungary last year, was not in the squad against Valur Reykjavik. The coach did not comment on it officially. Meanwhile, István Pásztor resigned from the position of team captain. Dejan Peric took over this role.

Veszprém took the initiative with the leadership of Cozma and Ilyés. The Icelandic team could only cause some difficulties with their quick play, but they could not get close to the hosts. Valur were trying to change goalkeeper all the time, but it did not help either.

Veszprém took a comfortable lead of more than ten goals by the second half and they showed real spectacular handball. Tatai came to replace Peric in the goal and he saved clear chances as well. Icelandic national player, Porsteinsson, scored ten goals, but it was not enough to get away with an easier defeat. 41-28 was the end.

Brest make Szeged suffer

Szeged played their 125th international cup game this weekend away against Meshkov Brest.

Szeged are marching onGoalkeeper Kraynov had to leave the game early because of an unfortunate injury. Szeged wanted to get a good advantage. They had difficulties with the strict man marking of Meshkov. Filippov and Mochalov missed many opportunities and it denied them coming closer.

The match was intense after the break. The hosts seemed to fall back and Szeged took a four-goal advantage, but a Mochalov goal levelled the game once again. The tension was easier to endure for Pick and the Hungarians were able to safeguard their 100% record. The match ended 22-24.

Veszprém kept their chances alive in Group F, while Szeged made a big step to win Group H.

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