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The Russians won a very important game in Denmark against Viborg. These two points may be decisive for the qualification.

Medvedi heading for second group stage

Chehovskie Medvedi, took a huge step towards qualifying for the second group stage of the Men’s Champions League on Saturday. The Russians won 32-28 away over their (probably) direct rivals for the second position in Group E, Viborg HK.

Medvedi won a tough game1483 spectators in Viborg Stadionhal saw Medvedi taking control over the match. Apart from 3-2 and 4-3 for the Danish early in the match, the team of the Russian national coach Maximov were leading all the time. Already in the first half Medvedi took a five-goal lead at 12-7, but Viborg managed to fight back and reduce the gap to two goals at half time, 14-16.

The home team had to play the whole second half without Danish international Mikkel Aagaard. The experienced right winger picked up a leg injury shortly before the break and this handicap made the job even easier for the visitors. Medvedi increased their lead to six goals at 23-29 and 24-30, before the match ended with the above mentioned four goal difference.

Leegaard still hoping

“I think we fought well, even though it was tough against those big guys,” said Per Leegaard, Danish international. “However, they were good at making use of the mistakes we made, and they were very efficient in counter attacks,” said the Danish right back.

Pivot Mikhail Chipurin was the top scorer of Chehovskie Medvedi – and of the match – with 6 goals. The other pivot, Henrik Dreyer, scored 5 times for Viborg, just like Gábor Császár, Per Leegaard and Kim Johannessen.

Medvedi are second after HSV Hamburg in Group E with four points after three matches. Viborg are in third position with two points.

TEXT: Peter Bruun