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After a couple of lost matches in the Danish league, Slagelse suffer from the worst opponent: injury. Suzana Cubela, another backcourt player, will be out for months with a torn ligament.

Slagelse: injured backcourt

CL Winner and Danish Champion Slagelse did not suffer many defeats in the past. But that seems to be the past now.

Slagelse already have three defeats in Danish league this season. In addition, they were also defeated by the worst opponent – injury. Suzana Cubela, back player of Slagelse suffered a torn ligament.

Cubela talked about her ambitious plans recently, now she has to cope with an injuryUnfortunately, this is not the only bad news for Slagelse. Gabriela Rotis-Nagy is still injured and Katarina Bulatovic, the right back, also has a foot injury that will not allow her to play until January 2008.

In the very moment when Mette Melgaard recovered from her injury, this new injury of Cubela shook the team of Anja Andersen just before the start of new CL season.

“That all happened in an afternoon training last week. I was fouled by two defenders and I immediately felt that something happened to my knee. After the exams, the doctors in Copenhagen said that the anterior cruciate ligaments were torn. I will have to undergo surgery next weekend. The good thing is that nothing can be seen from outside, it is not swollen. The only problem is that I can't stand on my leg,” said Cubela.

Out for eight months

Anja Andersen will need all her experience to guide the team through this periodShe played only five matches for Slagelse this season. This injury came exactly when she was becoming increasingly important for the team.

“This injury could sideline me for about eight months. For me, unfortunately, this season is over. During the surgery, the doctor will also carry out an arthroscopy exam to if there are more damages than this torn ligament. I hope for the best and we shall see,” commented the 22-year old back.



Disappointed but determined

Cubela tells what she feels after so many problems and injuries:

“This is really big blow for me. I really didn't expect a new injury to happen so soon. I had a chance to play this season in the best club of Europe and once again an injury stops me. I wanted to give my best in this CL season. I was also called up to play for my national team, so I will also miss that chance. It is bad luck for me, but as always, I know very well what I should do now. I’m determined to recover as soon as possible and return to help my team. If that will be next season, then it will be next season. I will wait patiently and work hard in the meantime.”

Sad director

“It is a sad and serious situation for all the injured players and of course for the whole team. The girls did not have an easy start this season, but we will simply have to fight on with the players who are still fit,” Slagelse’s director, Bjarne Stenbæk, told Danish TV2.

Before this season, Slagelse lost Serbian star, Bojana Popovic, and Romanian backcourt player, Carmen Lungu, so Anja Andersen is left with few options on the backcourt line now.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros and Peter Bruun