Successful Slovenian weekendArticle
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The weekend ended as the Slovenian clubs wanted: Gorenje Velenje won in Belarus, while Celje Pivovarna Lasko defeated Valur from Iceland.

Successful Slovenian weekend

Only 48 hours after the big defat in the first round match Gorenje had to play again. they can play handball.

Kavas: We know how to play

Velenje improved a lot within 48 hoursFrom the start until the 60th minute everything was in their hands against Brest Meskhov. With a superb Danish goalkeeper, Morten Seier, and wing players, Jure Dobelsek and Branko Tamse finally scoring, the two points were quickly gained by the Slovenian side. The satisfaction was enormous: "We did not forget how to play handball after a big defeat against Pick Szeged. We proved that our handball can be on higher level," said Bostjan Kavas after the match.

The mission of the Slovenian teams past weekend was complete after Celje Pivovarna Lasko defeated Valur Reykjavik in Zlatorog hall. Key to success and to the two points in Group G were the tough defence, efficient goalkeeping by Gorazd Skof and a weak opponent. Celje's coach, Kasim Kamenica, started the match with an aggressive 6-0 defence that did not allow the Icelandic team to score until the 5th minute, while Celje scored four times.

Opportunity for Celje’s youngsters

The home team had four goals of advantage a couple of times, but the biggest difference was eleven in the last minute. Valur were working hard all the time and made quick counter-attacks after Celje's mistakes (Spiler, Terzic, Stojanovis scored seven goals out of 21 attempts), nevertheless they could come back only once at 9:8 in 20th minute. The Slovenians, who are still bothering with health problems, had the opportunity to leave experienced players on the bench.

Celje made no mistake at homeIn second half Jan Greorc, Ales Muhovec, Vasja Furlan and Miha Gorensek were making the difference even bigger. After the match, Valur’s coach, Oskar Bjarni Oskarsson, was not disappointed:

"It was a great match. I have to congratulate Celje. I’m partly satisfied with our performance. Our defence was working, but we did not take advantage of Celje's suspensions. We should have scored 2 or 3 goals but we usually did none."

Two points were very important for Celje and Kasim Kamenica was happy that they reached their goal:

"We knew that Valur do not give up against big teams; at the same time we were only thinking about two points. I’m happy with this and also with the performance of our less experienced players."

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