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The Danish side will host Presov after a surprise result in the first round. Coach Schefvert expects a tough game.

GOG coach expects physical match

It may become quite a physical match between Danish champions GOG Svendborg TGI and Slovakian title holders, Tatran Presov. The two sides will meet in Group D on Sunday afternoon. GOG coach, Ulf Schefvert, is prepared for that:

GOG played in top form against Portland“I met the Slovakian national team several times during my time as national coach in Greece. Though Slovakia and The Czech Republic used to be one country, I think that Slovakian handball is more physical than the Czech one, which is more technical. However, we can also play with power, and you have to be ready for that if you want to play in the Champions League,” Ulf Schefvert told Eurohandball.com.

Players coming back

The Swedish coach is also happy about the fact that his injury list is getting shorter.

“At the moment it is only Mikkel Hansen who is still unable to play. With such a tough programme as ours, there will always be minor injuries,” said Schefvert, who can also see the results of being close to full strength in the domestic league. After a quite weak start, GOG approach the top with 5 points after 4 matches. Their final test before the Presov match was also successful. GOG have beaten Team Tvis Holstebro 27-25 in Gudme.


After their impressive 28-28 away draw against Portland San Antonio, GOG are favourites at home against Tatran Presov. The Slovaks won their first group match by 31-26 at home against A1 Bregenz. The coach is ready to accept this role.

“I suppose we are favourites at home, and if we can increase the pace of the match, I’m sure we have a very good chance against Presov. Of course, we will have to concentrate, but you always have to in a CL game. Anyway, we have to win our home matches in order to make sure to go on in the tournament,” Ulf Schefvert emphasised.

Relief for Henriksen

The scan results came as a relief for GOG Svendborg TGI and for their goalkeeper, Peter Henriksen. Henriksen´s knee was checked in the hospital to know more about the injury that sidelined him for a couple of domestic games and almost for the CL opener in Pamplona.

“The ligaments are not injured, only some fluid in the knee keeps bothering me. It hurts from time to time. However, there is really nothing to do about it. I cannot just take a break and wait to get better, because it would not. On the other hand, it means I can play without making it worse. I have to adjust my trainings a bit,” Henriksen said. 

It is also good news for the team that Peter Henriksen can play as GOG would have to rely on their 18-year old keeper, Niclas Landin, who already plays for the Under 21 national team.

TEXT: Peter Bruun