No chance for Lubin in Ciudad RealArticle
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Though the guests started well, the Spanish top team win 40-25.

No chance for Lubin in Ciudad Real

BM Ciudad Real confirmed their great form after the victory in Flensburg. The team of Talant Djushebaev won by 15 goals against Lubin (40-25). The Polish team had no chance to win and Ciudad Real on top of their group. Sterbik and Hombrados were the stars of the Spanish team.

Garcia scored from fast breaksLubin could dream for 15 minutes. Ciudad Real began the match with light defending and a less effective attacking play. Lubin scored easily from the back court. Jalzka was the playmaker and Gorniak shot from 9 meters. The Polish team were dreaming of an equal match in the early in the game when it was still 2-5 in the 15th minute.

Ciudad's quick reaction

Dujshebaev made changes and motivated his players. His efforts paid off and the Spanish 5-1 defence began to work with Sterbik in the goal. The goalkeeper saved 11 balls and Ciudad Real were scoring from the fast breaks of Hjermind and Roberto Garcia. At half time it was 18-13 for the hosts already. Ciudad Real began to enjoy the game...

The Polish team had a long and difficult journey to Spain and tiredness was visible in the second half. Their back court was very tired and they had no ideas against Ciudad Real. As the hosts were playing quick handball, the difference increased. Hombrados substituted Sterbik in the goal and he also saved 15 balls in 30 minutes. He was the star of the team in the second half.

The Spanish Champion won 40-25. All Ciudad Real players scored at least a goal with the exception of the French Dinart. Dujshebaev focus on the next game in the Asobal League now where Valladolid will try to make a surprise similar to their recent victory against Portland...

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi