New start for CubelaArticle
«Go back talks to Suzana Cubela, former FCK player who arrives to Slagelse to help Anja Andersen defend the CL title.

New start for Cubela

When Cubela left Serbian club Lasta to play for FCK, she was welcomed as one of the most talented young players in probably the best league in the world. Unfortunately, the 22-year old Serbian player did not have two good seasons in Copenhagen. Cubela had lots of injury problems and she could not show all her potential. Nevertheless, she wasn’t discouraged for one single second.

The Serbian player will have plenty of opportunity to prove her talent nowComing to Slagelse was a new start for the athlete. As Bojana Popovic left and Gabriela Rotis-Nagy got injured, Cubela was given great responsibility. She embraces this responsibility and she is determined to succeed. Why did you decide to play in Denmark at such a young age?

Suzana Cubela: It wasn't that hard to decide to go to Denmark. I was given a chance that no
player could refuse. There are good players in the Serbian league too, but our league doesn't give much opportunity to show their best. On the other hand, every player has a good opportunity to improve all their potentials in the Danish League. This season you will play for Slagelse, Danish Champion and CL winner. What has changed in your life after changing from Copenhagen to Slagelse?

Suzana Cubela: Personally, a lot has changed. Taking in consideration how much time I was injured in FCK, I hope that in Slagelse I will have the opportunity to achieve real results. I already experienced a lot of different things. My form is improving. Anja helps me to improve and achieve my best, as well as the best for the team. That is the most important for every player. And also, that’s everything what a player can ask for. You arrived in Denmark as a young and talented player, but you had lots of problems with injuries. Are you fit and ready to help your new team?

Suzana Cubela: Yes, I had some injuries. They did slow my progress down for a long time. But now, fortunately, it's all behind me. At this point I feel that I can do what the club wants me to do. And I assure you that I will. After Popovic left and Rotis-Nagy got injured, Slagelse did not start the season too well...

Suzana Cubela: It's true, we didn't start well. This doesn't mean that we won't play well and prove that the team deserves the gold medals of recent years. Every defeat just makes us stronger and more determined to do better next time.

The last matches are over. In the preparation period we were trying to have as much rest as possible because we had a lot of unexpected injuries. Every injury needed time to heal. Will Slagelse be able to defend the CL title? What do you expect in Group A where you will play against Ribarroja, Podravka and Győr?

Suzana Cubela: We are still a very young team, lot of good players left and it will be a hard job. However, we cannot lose. We will do our best to achieve the best possible results. I expect lots of good and tough matches.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros