Bosna start well in Group HArticle
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In front of 4,000 home fans Bosna defeat Belarus champion, Meshkov Brest, by 28:20.

Bosna start well in Group H

Bosna always play in front of massive support and in a great atmposphereBosna fans weren't very happy in the first half with their team not yet playing like favourites. However, Bosnian goalkeeper Sabanovic showed a great performance early in the game already. It didn't discourage the guests who simply did not give up and stayed close. The first half ended with a not so convincing four goal lead, 13:9.

Match winner: Kapisoda

In the second half, the home team started to play faster with more concentration. At that point, the newly signed Kapisoda caused lot of headache for the guest defence. He helped his team to a twelve-goal lead (24:12 and 25:13) and to finally broke all resistance of the opponent. At the end the hosts could relax and Brest came as close to 8 goals at the end, 28:20.

The best Bosnians were Petar Kapisoda with 10 goals and Adnan Sabanovic with 14 saves(2 penalties). Krajnos, with 13 saves, was the best player of Brest.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros