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Aalborg travel to Patras for the Qualification Tournament 2. The Ukrainian champions are also expected to be fighting for the first place of the group.

Aalborg fear Zaporozhye

The most feared opponent for the players and coaches of Aalborg DH are Ukrainian champions, HC “Motor” Zaporozhye. The key match of the Qualification Tournament will be played on Sunday afternoon in Athens. This game will probably decide about the qualification for the Women’s Champions League group stage.

Leif Gautestad knows that the Ukrainian teams are difficult opponents“Our match Friday against the Greek hosts, AC Ormi-Loux Patras, is a match we ought to be able to win. The same goes for the match against Swedish champions, IK Sävehof, on Saturday. This will probably mean that our match against Zaporozhye on Sunday will be decisive about the first place and therefore about the qualification for the group stage. As Zaporozhye are almost identical with the Ukrainian national team, this will be a tough challenge for us. Danish women’s handball does not have the best experience with the Ukraine lately…” Aalborg’s head coach, Leif Gautestad, told Eurohandball.com

Lack of self-confidence

Aalborg’s new goalkeeper, Ana Vojcic, recently told Eurohandball.com that she believes that the team could repeat the proud tradition from the previous two years and reach at least the quarterfinals. Her coach hopes that this prediction will come true, but he realises that the self-confidence of the squad can improve after four defeats in succession – three in the Danish league and one in the Danish Cup. Some kind of a paradox, considering all the highly qualified players the club has signed for this season…

“After four wins in a row – two in the league and two in the Cup – it was not good for the players to suffer four defeats in a row. Self-confidence is not something you can buy in a shop! You have to work for it and I hope that we can tank some new of it in the matches in Athens,” said Leif Gautestad, who can at least be happy to have no injury problems in his squad.

TEXT: Peter Bruun