Important draw for GOG in PamplonaArticle
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The 2007/08 season of the CL starts with a surprise: GOG make a draw in Pamplona.

Important draw for GOG in Pamplona

Kjelling also tried everything, it was not enoughPortland and GOG Gudme played a spectacular match in the opening day of the Champions League. The team of Javier Cabanas needed a victory to begin the tournament with a positive result, but they were not able make it. Gudme played a very intelligent game and kept themselves within a difference of four goals to equalise in the last three minutes of the game.

There are doubts in Pamplona… The defeat in Valladolid last weekend and this draw create a complicated situation for the club. The fans talk about Equisoain, Hvidt, Rocas and Lozano after these results. However, the situation is not so bad in the CL: Portland have all the chance to make it to the next round and win the group at the end.

Portland leading all the way

GOG Gudme played a game based on a strong 6-0 defence and fast breaks. The plans of coach Schefvert were perfect. Portland were unable to play against the Danish defence and the wingers scored easy goals when Gudme took the lead for the first time. Only Nikolic, well served by Balic, and Ortigosa kept to Spanish in the game.

The 7 goals of Petersen meant a lot for GOGThe pace of the match was not ideal for Portland and GOG felt comfortable in Pamplona. Kjelling and Vugrinec tried their best, scored some goals to take the lead for Portland before the halftime. San Antonio suffered, but they seemed to win the game.

The Danish pivot, Larsen, was also a big problem for Javier Cabanas. The 3-2-1 defence of Portland in the second half was not effective against Larsen.

Then came Svensson. The Swedish goalkeeper saved some important balls, Portland took a four-goal lead and it seemed to be enough with just a few minutes to go.

GOG woke up again. The Danes stole three balls and scored. Only one goal between the two teams and the last ball was in the hands of the GOG players.

Gudme was awarded a penalty shot and Larsen converted to make it 28-28 at the end.

Both teams have the chance to go on to the next round, but Gudme will have the home court advantage when hosting Portland.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi