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Vardar Skopje continue in Group C. Zagreb, Leon and Schaffhausen are waiting for the FYR Macedonians.

Tough task for Vardar

Estonian Champion Polva Serviti equalised in the last second of the second match, but it wasn't enough. HC Vardar PRO Skopje qualify for the CL group stage with a 67:52 in aggregate.

Vardar key player, RakchevicIn FYR Macedonia, Vardar Skopje won over Polva Serviti 37:22 (18:12). In the very beginning of the match it was clear that there was big quality difference between these two rivals. After ten minutes of play the score was already 7:2. Despite many technical faults on both sides, the FYR Macedonians ended the first half with a 18:12 lead. The same story continued in the second half. Many mistakes, but also great advantage for home team that finally won with 37:22. The player of the match was Estonian Mait Patrail who scored 9 goals. For home team Montenegrin Mladen Rakcevic scored 8 times.

The second match was played in Estonia and it was something completely different. Vardar took the first lead at 0:3, but the home team soon managed first to equalise at 10:10. The Estonians even took the lead at 14:12 and it was 15:15 at half time. During entire second half both teams showed equal performances so neither could take the significant lead. Although guests had the advantage at 29:30, the Estonians equalised in the last moments of the encounter and made it 30:30. The best player was again Mait Patrail with 11 goals.

The FYR Macedonian champion, Vardar Skopje, have a tough task in Group C where they will face Croatia Osiguranje-Zagreb, Ademar Leon and Kadetten Schaffhausen.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros