Valur Reykyavik reach group FArticle
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The Champion of Island, Valur Reykjavik, qualify for the CL after defeating Lithuanian Viking Malt in both matches by 19:28 and 24:33.

Valur Reykyavik reach group F

Both matches were played in Reykjavik, which helped the home team. The first match started with an Icelandic lead 2:0 and 6:3. After this, the Lithuanians equalized on 7:7, but Valur again took the lead and went to break with a score 12:8. In second half they even increased the margin for final result of first match 19:28. The best player on court was Baldvin Porsteinsson with 11 goals scored.

Top scorer of Valur, PorsteinssonThe second match was only a formality. Although the first half which ended with a 14:12 showed equal performances, Valur demonstrated their strength in second part of the match and won 44:23. A statistical data shows the concentration level of the Reykjaviks players: they took eight 7-metre shots and they scored all eight of them. The best scorer of the match was Baldvin Porsteinsson again with 8 goals.

The next opponent for Icelandic Champion will be Vfl Gumersbach. Their first encounter in Group F against the German will be played at home between 26-30 September.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros