Surprising start in SloveniaArticle
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The Slovenian championship starts with great surprise: the two CL squads, Celje and Gorenje, lose the first matches.

Surprising start in Slovenia

Previous weekend the Slovenian Handball Championship started for the men. The first round started surprisingly badly for the title holder, Celje.

The Celje fans are not used to such bad startsThey fight for their 16th national title this season. The first match was really bad for them – no appropriate defence and even worse attack. Kasim Kamenica’s team played guests to Trimo Trebnje that was known in the previous season as unpleasant opponents especially for the big teams. Nevertheless, nobody could imagine that Trimo would take two points from Celje in the first round, but they were the better team for sure on court and they earned a win with the final result, 30:27.

The other Slovenian CL team, Gorenje, also lost in first round. The Velenje side have big problems with injuries and beside that they played national derby. Gold Club, last year playing in Champions League, revenged Gorenje for taking second spot in previous season. The result was 32:24.

TEXT: Maja Mastnak, Sportal