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IK Sävehof and Milli Piyango SK qualify for the second Qualification Tournament. Read the report on QT1.

Savehof and Milli Piyango qualify

Matches of Qualification Tournament 1 Group B were played last weekend in Kwintsheul (NED). IK Sävehof and Milli Piyango SK qualify to the second Qualification Tournament.

Former Kometal player, Yeliz Özel, led Piyango to successThe Dutch town of Kwintsheul and Dutch champions Van de Voort Quintus hosted three teams competing in Group B of Qualification Tournament 1: Serbian Champion Knjaz Milos, Swedish Champion IK Sävehof and Turkish Champion Milli Piyango SK.

Day 1

Very tight and exciting match between Milli Piyango SK and IK Sävehof ended with a close score, 32:33. Turkish goalkeeper Oznur Muge Ozkoktem caused lots of problems for the Swedish team, and she was the main reason why Milli Piyango had a lead during the entire first half which ended with 16:15. In the second half, the Turks had the lead all the way until the 56th minute when Savehof equalized at 29:29. In the final minutes, the Swedish squad concentrated better and they won with a goal scored in the last seconds: 32:33. Johanna Ahlm scored 12 goals for Swedish team.

In the second match of the Day 1, the home team was defeated from Knjaz Milos by 18:21. Both teams started nervously, but Serbians soon took the initiative. Only goalkeeper Peggy Viergever held the Dutch “in the game” in the first half which ended 10:12.In the second half Van de Voort managed to equalise at 15:15, but they didn’t have the strength to continue well and they were defeated by 18:21. The player of the match was Serbian Jasmina Ukic.

Day 2

In the first match of Day 2, Knjaz Milos were defeated by Milli Piyango 28:36. The Turks showed very aggressive play from the start and had the lead during the entire match. After the first half, the result was 11:15 due to great performance of the Serbian goalkeeper Olivera Tosovic. In the second half, Turks increased the margin and the final score was 28:36. The best player of Milli Piyango was Yeliz Ozel, while the best scorer was Senay Ozel with 8 goals.

Second match of day two was IK Savehof vs Van der Voort Quintus. Although the Dutch team played well and had the lead at 11:13, the Swedish side managed to equalise at 19:19 and turned the game to win 25:23

Day 3

In their last match, Swedish champions defeated the Serbian team easily by 22:34. From the very beginning Knjaz Milos had big problems in defence and in offence as well. The biggest margin in the first half was 7:17, while Savehof even managed to increase the difference in the second half to make it 22:34 at the end. The best player on the court was young and talented Swedish Isabelle Gullden who scored 7 goals.

In the last match Yeliz Ozel took her team in the second qualification round. Van der Voort Quintus was defeated by Milli Piyango SK 28:42 after a 12:20 first half result. The best player of the match was former Kometal player, a fantastic Yeliz Ozel.

Savehof and Milli Piyango go through

All participants of Qualification Tournament 2 are known. IK Sävehof will travel to Patras (Griece) where they will compete in Group B with Aalborg DH, HC "Motor" Zaporozhye and home team, AC Ormi-Loux Patras.

As second, Milli Piyango SK will go to Lublin (Poland) where they will join HC "Lada Togliatti", BM Sagunto and home team SPR SAFO Lublin. Only the group winners will qualify for CL.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros