Barcelona prepare against BragaArticle
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The Catalonians beat French Nimes before the Qualification Round second leg.

Barcelona prepare against Braga

Barcelona won a tournament called “Pyrenees League” against French Nimes in the final. The Cadenas team defeated the French team 36-26 without any difficulty. This test match comes just days before the second leg of the Champions League Qualification Round.

Getting ready for the match against BragaIt is the ninth time that Catalonians win this title. Barcelona played well and did not give a chance for the French.

Barcelona took the lead right from the beginning and they kept this difference during the entire match.

The French side tried to control the game in the early minutes, but it was too difficult for them. Cadenas gave all his players enough time to rest – with the upcoming CL game in mind –, but he could make use of his large roster and still play at a high speed. Nimes were very tired in the second half and Barcelona could win by 10 goals at the end.

Focus on Braga

The Catalonians focus on the ABC Braga game from now on. Barcelona won in Portugal, but Cadenas does not expect an easy game. The coach knows that the Portuguese team will try everything to qualify for the CL, but it is also an important objective forthe Spanish club. Barcelona, of course, have better chances with the victory in Braga. In addition, Palau is one most difficult away courts in European handball.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi