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KIF Vejen defeats the CL winner in the Danish Cup. It was the first match of Slagelse preparing for the Champions League and Danish championship as well.

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Slagelse: Shock Defeat

Slagelse DT suffer sensational defeat at their first match of the season. Wednesday night, the Last 16 fixture of the Danish Cup was played against KIF Vejen and the CL winner lost by 23:24. It was Slagelse’s first defeat against KIF Vejen in the six years the two teams have both been in the Danish league.

Anja Andersen will surely find the way for her team, but the first test was not successfulSlagelse, that did not play test matches before this game (KIF Vejen played three), were without their new Austrian star, Gabriela Rotis-Nagy, Mette Melgaard and Emiliya Turey. KIF Vejen, on the other hand, were missing Marina Rokic and Mia Boesen as well as their new Korean international, Kang Ji Hey. Furthermore, the visitors’ goalkeeper, former German international Christian Lindemann, had to leave the court before time with a seemingly serious knee injury.

Equal match

620 spectators in Roskioe Hallen were watching the game. Slagelse played this game here to reward their fans living in this area, but the fans saw an equal match. The guests were leading 13-12 at half time. The game remained even for the second half. Not much before the end it was still 21:21, but from this point on KIF Vejen managed to score three goals in succession taking a 24:21 lead. The two Slagelse goals towards the end were not enough to level the game.

“The Danish Cup does not have top priority for us, but of course, this defeat is still annoying for us,” Slagelse director, Bjarne Stenbæk, told after the match.

Ana Batinic scored 7 goals for Slagelse, while Stine Svangaard and Young Sook Huh scored 5-5 for KIF Vejen.

Slagelse will get the chance to revenge the defeat soon as their next opponent will also be KIF Vejen. This match will be the opening round of the Danish league on 8 September.

TEXT: Peter Bruun