Schefvert Happy to be Back in DenmarkArticle
«Go back talks to Swedish coach, Ulf Schefvert, who will be in charge of Danish champions, GOG Svendborg TGI.

Schefvert Happy to be Back in Denmark  

Swedish coach, Ulf Schefvert, who led the Danish men’s national team to fourth place at the first European championship in 1994, is back in Denmark. The 49-year old Schefvert remains in charge of the Swedish women’s national team as well. He succeeds Carsten Albrektsen at the Danish men’s champions, GOG Svendborg TGI. The Swedish coach signed a five-year contract. talks to Schefvert, who is looking forward to a busy season. Why did you decide to come to Denmark again?

Schefvert has to build a new teamUlf Schefvert: I liked it in Denmark when I was national coach here in the 90s and I always felt welcome in Denmark. After 10 years away, I felt it was time to come back. What is your opinion about GOG?

Ulf Schefvert: I think it is a very talented team with a lot of potential and some interesting new players. I realise, however, that it is going to be difficult to win the Danish championship again, as the other top teams have also signed good players. I think we have a good chance in the Champions League, though. Portland San Antonio are probably the favourites in our group, but I believe we have a very good chance to finish second in the group and go on to the second group stage. You take over a team that lost eight players and signed only five. Do you think you have enough players for both the Danish league and for the two group phases of the Champions League?

Ulf Schefvert: If injuries avoid us, I think our squad is enough for both challenges. Of course, it will take some time to get the new players integrated in the team, but players such as Asgeir Ørn Hallgrimsson and Snorri Gudjonsson are used to play together in the Icelandic national team. And speaking of enough players, I am not afraid of promoting some talented young ones in the team from time to time. Maybe I can’t do it for the Champions League matches, but in the Danish league. You are women’s national coach in Sweden at the same time. How do you manage to do the two jobs together?

Ulf Schefvert: It is really no problem as we did not manage to qualify for the World Championships with Sweden. Apart from the World Cup here in Denmark in October, there are not many national team obligations in the near future. Furthermore, most of the players of the Swedish team play in Denmark, so I can call my squad together within five hours… Why did you agree to join a club after so many years as national coach in Denmark, Greece and Sweden?

Ulf Schefvert: I wanted to spend more time with players and work with them continuously. As national coach, you are only with the players once in a while. A club coach meets the players once or twice a day and that gives you much better opportunities to improve your players and team.

GOG started pre season trainings last week and played their first test matches this weekend. At a training tournament in Germany, the Danish champions started by a 29-17 victory against TSV Alt Duvenstedt (Bundesliga II). After this success, GOG lost against THW Kiel 29-22 and 27-16, while against SG Flensburg Handewitt by 28-18.

TEXT: Peter Bruun