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Gabriela Rotis-Nagy (pictured) and two Serbian players, Ognjanovic and Cubela, join Slagelse for the new season.

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Slagelse Reinforced  

Women’s CL winners, Slagelse DT, have signed two new players for next season. Slagelse will try to defend not only the Champions League trophy, but also the Danish title.

Anja Andersen will have to integrate the new players and solve the replacement of Popovic and Lungu One of the new players is 26-year old Serbian international, Svetlana Ognjenovic. She is coming on a two year contract from Serbian club “Naisa” Nis. Slagelse coach, Anja Andersen, spotted the right winger already in 2006 spring, when Andersen was national coach of Serbia for a while.

Cubela joins from FCK

Slagelse signed another Serbian player as well: left back Suzana Cubela comes from FC København Håndbold. She has been playing in Denmark for two years already, now she signs a two year contract with Slagelse. In Serbia, the 22-year old, 1.86m tall Cubela played for the Beograd-based club, Rosa Hummel.

Slagelse have also signed an Austrian international, Gabriela Rotis-Nagy from the Austrian champion Hypo Niederösterreich.

The CL winner needed new players as Bojana Popovic and Carmen Lungu left the club. The team will start training for the new season on 23 July.

* Please note that at the time of publishing the article, the EHF Transfer Department could not yet confirm the transfer news of Gabriela Rotis-Nagy. The transfer rumour comes from our journalist specialized in local handball news

TEXT: Peter Bruun