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Two-time Champions League back player of Slagelse, Carmen Lungu, will return to Romania as she felt homesick.

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Lungu leaves Slagelse

The several months of uncertainty over Romanian star Carmen Lungu is over. It was a question whether she would stay with Slagelse or leave the club, but now it is official: Lungu is leaving the Champions League title holder and returns to Romania. She felt homesick.

Lungu (left) on the CL podium“We were extremely happy to have Carmen in our squad, and we wished to keep her. However, she is feeling homesick, and we fully understand her wish to be closer to her family,” said Slagelse’s head coach, Anja Andersen, also the sports director of the club.

Successful period in Denmark

Carmen Lungu has lot of experience with Danish handball: she played for Randers HK before joining Slagelse in 2004. Next year, she played for Slagelse and won Champions League and Danish championship. In the following period she had a long injury, but made a successful comeback to Slagelse in January 2007. She was part of a double success: Slagelse took back the CL trophy and the Danish title as well.

It has not been announced officially yet which club will Carmen Lungu play for in Romania.

TEXT: Peter Bruun