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Ciudad Real signs Danish players, Torsten Laen and Christian Hjermind. talks to Laen about his expectations.

Torsten Laen: A Dream Come True

Spanish champion, BM Ciudad Real signs two Danish players for next season. The 34 year old right winger, Christian Hjermind will return to the 2005/06 Champions League winners after four years in Danish KIF Kolding. It was also announced on Tuesday that pivot Torsten Laen will come together with him from Danish champions GOG Svendborg TGI. talks to the 27 year old Laen.

Laen will stand right here as a defender next Why did you choose Ciudad Real?

Torsten Laen: It is one of the leading clubs in Europe and in the whole world. Actually, it is a kind of “dream come true” that a club of this level wants me. There have been rumours about your transfer to Ciudad Real for months. Is it a relief for you that the transfer was announced finally?

Torsten Laen: Of course, I have been looking forward to this for some time now. It was good to know that I would go to Ciudad Real, but I was waiting for the time to share my joy and expectations with others. It is nice that it is official now. You are going to replace the leaving Carlos Prieto in Ciudad Real. The club still has Rolando Urios in your position, and he is considered to be one of the best pivots in the world. So how much do you expect to play?

Torsten Laen: They have Rolando Urios in the attack and they also have French international Didier Dinard in defence. However, I have the advantage of playing at both ends of the court, in contrast to them. Furthermore, Ciudad Real will probably have to play about 50 matches during the season, and the same players cannot play all the time with such a tough schedule. So I definitely expect to get my share of the time on court. Did it influence your decision that another Dane will join the club with you?

Torsten Laen: I did not discuss the matter with Christian Hjermind while my contract negotiations were going on with Ciudad Real. Since then I talked quite a lot with him. Apart from being a fantastic guy, he also knows a lot about the club from his previous period spent there, and that is a great help for me.

The pivot scored 12 against Ciudad Real in December. His performance was You have quite a lot of international experience already. You played for the Danish national team and also in the Champions League with GOG. That will be probably useful for Ciudad Real as they have great ambitions in the CL next year…

Torsten Laen: Of course, Ciudad Real is a club going for victory in all the competitions they play. I’m also sure that I can contribute to this with some experience as I played Champions League matches with GOG and major championships with the Danish national team. Do you think this transfer will improve your chances to get your place back in the Danish national team?

Torsten Laen: That is hard to say as all other players competing for the pivot position – except for Michael Knudsen – also change clubs now. It is difficult to predict who will benefit most from these changes.


TEXT: Peter Bruun