Danish Champions Optimistic Before CL DrawArticle
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eurohandball.com talks to Lasse Svan Hans, GOG Svendborg player about their chances in next year's Champions League.

Danish Champions Optimistic Before CL Draw

Danish champions, GOG Svendborg TGI, are understandably happy with the seeding for next season’s group stage in the Men’s Champions League. Denmark’s only representative in the tournament are in Pot 1, and the club is ranked no 6.

The team are confident before the drawEurhandball.com talks to GOG´s right winger, Lasse Svan Hansen about the chances. Just as everyone in the club, the 23-year old player is satisfied with the news.

Eurodhandball.com: What do you think about the seeding?

Lasse Svan Hansen: I find it just great. I think it gives us good chance to go on to the second group stage, which is the most important objective for us at the tournament.

Eurohandball.com: Furthermore, your seeding this year is much better than last year when you were only seeded in Pot 2. It must increase your chances…

Lasse Svan Hansen. Sure. Being in Pot 1, means that we avoid many strong teams in the first group stage.

Eurohandball.com: You will surely avoid THW Kiel, HSV Hamburg or Ciudad Real. On the other hand, you may still run into teams such as Portland San Antonio, SG Flensburg Handewitt or VfL Gummersbach, all seeded in Pot 2.

Lasse Svan Hansen: That is true, but in contrast to last year, when it was practically impossible to avoid one of the really strong teams, the chances are much better this year. I am quite optimistic.

Eurohandball.com: So the Friday evening of 29 June is going to be an extremely exciting evening for you and your team-mates…

Lasse Svan Hansen: Yes, definitely.

TEXT: Peter Bruun