Henriksen: Ready for CLArticle
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Peter Henriksen, Danish international and Gudme goalkeeper talks about his team's next season in the Champions League.

Henriksen: Ready for CL 

Many Danes are worried about the future performance of Danish handball in Men’s Champions League as neither of the two dominating teams, FC København and KIF Kolding, qualified for it. There’s no doubt, however, that GOG Svendborg TGI – the only Danish representative – will cope with the task. GOG’s experienced goalkeeper Peter Henriksen (substitute of Portland’s Kasper Hvidt in the Danish national team) guarantees that he and his team-mates will not let the handball fans down in Denmark.

eurohandball.com talks to the 34-year-old goalkeeper, one of the best players of the Danish play-offs.

eurohandball.com: What is the explanation of your triumph at the end of this season? You won the title after a third place in the league…

Henriksen lonely in the goal...Peter Henriksen: We had a group of key players who stayed together for many years and gained a lot of experience from Champions League matches and domestic league games as well. We benefited from that in these play-offs and we managed to keep a clear head in the decisive situations.

eurohandball.com: You will be the only Danish team in the Champions League next season. What do you think about that challenge?

Peter Henriksen: I think it is a pity that there will be no more Danish team. However, I’m convinced that we will make a great effort in the tournament and represent Denmark in the best possible way.

eurohandball.com: Do you think being a CL team will put extra pressure on you and your team?

Peter Henriksen: Of course, there is going to be a pressure on us. But I’m sure that we will have a superb team next season too. The players, who leave will be replaced by others who have played in some of the best leagues of Europe. Maybe we will need a month or two to get the new players adjusted, but they are all really good ones with a lot of international experience.

eurohandball.com: Usually, it takes more than a month or two to integrate new players in a handball team – no matter how good they are. Is it not going to be a handicap to lose so many players after this season?

Peter Henriksen: It is very sad to say goodbye to so many great players, who are also great pals; but then again, we have been together for many years and may have started to get on each others´ nerves. It will also be nice to work with new players next season.

eurohandball.com: Many feel sorry that Denmark will not be represented by either FCK or Kolding in the Champions League. Is that an extra motivation for you and the team?

Peter Henriksen: I think it is foolish to suggest that we are not worthy to represent Denmark. I believe those statements were made by some who were disappointed by not reaching the play-off finals. However, I think we have silenced them now. We are going to represent Denmark in the best possible way, and we definitely deserve to be there, as we were the best team this year.

TEXT: Peter Bruun